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What is Homeopathy?

Oops… medicine has made a mistake. Our culture's insistence on 10-15 minute consultations to address one organ or symptom doesn’t make any sense. We are made up of many different organs and parts, but they all function together. We are a whole organism.

Homeopathy is a system of medicine that treats the whole person. It is It’s a mind-body approach to healing that takes into account all presenting symptoms; physical, emotion and mental. All symptoms inform what the organism is doing and how it is attempting to bring about balance under stress. Whether it is a chronic or an acute stress the whole organism reacts in unison.

In homeopathic treatment you don’t get a remedy for your skin condition, another remedy for your headache and another remedy for your anxiety. Homeopathy is a one system approach and only one remedy is given to balance your whole system. With balance comes resolution of symptoms and over time an improvement in all symptoms; skin, headache and anxiety.

Over centuries practitioners observed the effects of drugs on humans. Homeopaths were the first physicians to conduct clinical trials with drugs on human subjects. They observed the effects of a substance not on one system, but on the whole organism- from head to toe and including emotional and mental symptoms. As many drugs are quite toxic homeopaths experimented with highly diluted and highly agitated substances. They observed that these diluted drugs still had effects on humans. The diluted substances didn’t cause the organism to react violently but saw subtle and slow changes.

A drug, even in a minute quantity, has the potential to trigger and activate the organism. When carefully selected that drug can trigger a better healing response and help the sick heal.

Unless things are really out of control and the organism can not function on its own, it is wiser to trigger a healing response that is gentle and lasting with a homeopathic remedy.

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