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Tamar Cares
A Family Telehealth Clinic

Discern ● Activate ● Support ● Nurture

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Tamar Laderman,


Welcome to TamarCares.

I am a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner and a Homeopath. I embrace a “whole system” approach to health care.

Symptoms are the body's way of communicating. I listen carefully and spend the time needed to deeply understand each individual's health needs.

My years of experience and unique training in both medicine and complementary and alternative health provide me with many tools.

My goal is to activate your body to heal, restore balance and optimize your health.

Tamar Laderman, Family Nurse Practioner
Stethescope and Book
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My Process

Four words describe my process in helping you restore your health.


I use sound judgment and keen observation to guide treatment. Hence the many eyes of the peacock feathers in my logo. The more eyes on the problem the better. I value all information from labs, imaging, other providers, and from your unique symptoms. 



I activate the system using homeopathic remedies. The spiral sun symbolizes healing that activates the body to restore balance.



I help patients with the support they need to optimize their health when the body can no longer heal on its own. This may include vitamins, supportive herbs, medications, and referrals to physical therapy, manual manipulations, and emergency medicine. Supporting health is represented in the tree that grows by watering and caring for a living tree. 


I nurture each patient, creating an environment for them to thrive by focusing on positive relationships, healthy nutrition, and joyful exercise for lasting well-being. This is symbolized by the nurturing hands of healing.

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