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Pediatric Services

Your Child might be struggling from 

Passion Flower good for Tantrums


Poison Ivy causes rashes

Rashes or Eczema

Chamomile good for teething




Mullein good for ear aches

Chronic Ear Aches

Stramonium good for nightmares

Fears or Nightmares

You don't need to suffer, there are many solutions to help cope and improve your child's health.

Tamar Cares offers child friendly suggestions:


Forming healthy eating habits

Building routines

Book Recommendations

As a medically trained and board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner, Tamar Laderman offers specialty care for children online. She requires that your child continue to have routine cares with their pediatrician.  


In one visit, we might…


Review mother’s symptoms during pregnancy

Review childhood developmental milestones

Review childhood illnesses

Request sending a video of your child’s behavior to best assess

And more….

Schedule Your New Patient Appointment 

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