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Tamar Cares Telehealth Services

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Tamar Cares is a Telehealth Family Medical Practice.


         I see both adults and pediatric patients, offering a unique combination of services. As a homeopath, I use carefully selected high-dilution substances to stimulate the body's natural healing processes. In my role as a Nurse Practitioner, I provide recommendations for supportive care and assess when medical intervention is required.

  • Initial Assessment: We begin with an in-depth analysis of your unique whole system.

  • Tailored Action Plan: Based on the assessment, we develop a personalized plan to activate, support, and nurture your entire self.

  • Ongoing Evaluation: We continuously evaluate your progress and provide follow-up care to ensure the best results.


         During an initial telehealth visit, I dedicate 60-90 minutes to thoroughly assess your condition. I inquire about the nature, onset, severity, and triggers of your symptoms. I assess the severity of your condition, whether it's mild, moderate, or severe, and consider factors such as chronic infections, environmental sensitivities, chronic diseases, and genetic predispositions. My goal is to identify recurring symptoms and uncover the underlying cycle responsible for your discomfort.


         After gathering all the necessary information, I develop a comprehensive plan. This plan may include a homeopathic remedy to activate your system, recommendations for supporting and nurturing your system through supplements, herbs, exercise, and stress reduction. If necessary, I'll order labs through Labcorp. In cases where additional expertise is needed, I may refer you to a specialist. Lastly, if symptoms persist, I may consider prescription medications.


         During follow-up visits, I assess your overall progress. I evaluate changes in your symptoms - whether they have improved, worsened, or remained the same. We discuss the ease of following recommendations and any obstacles you've encountered in changing habits. Additionally, we review new symptoms or test results that may provide insights into our next steps.

Healing is within you.

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What Our Clients Say


I have seen Tamar since I can remember. Over the years I’ve gone from seeing her with my mom to on my own and she’s treated so many of my ailments and issues. Her knowledge is extensive as she combines homeopathic knowledge with her medical background in order to give well rounded and informative treatments and advice. I cannot recommend her services enough! 

-K. E.

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